As a partner of Holland Festival, you are partly responsible for making it possible for us to bring, great, international art to Holland, art that expands our view of the world. In addition, cooperation offers many opportunities for the mission of your own organisation. Through mutual discussion with a partner, we create a custom-made project proposal and explore how we can strengthen each other. The Holland Festival programme with all its variation offers many possibilities.

Why become a partner?
We look for connections with companies that identify with Holland Festival, with a focus on innovation, world-class performing arts, international cooperation, talent development and presenting other perspectives on the world. We opt for sustainable relationships; the exchange of knowledge and expertise are core values, in addition to creating support for each other's missions and financial involvement.

What we offer
Holland Festival is an international, prestigious, polyphonic festival that attracts a large and wide audience every year (75,000 visitors on average). A partnership with Holland Festival means visibility with the visitors of the festival and a larger group of interested parties. The festival connects a varied network, consisting of dignitaries, (young) culture lovers, professionals from the field, people from the business world, sponsors, philanthropists and international guests.

We offer our partners visibility online, in Amsterdam and on the many culture stages in the city. With a Holland Festival show, you offer employees or business relations and prospects an unforgettable afternoon or evening, eliciting conversations about that one show for a long time, making the meetings with the creators an unforgettable experience.

Unique for Holland Festival are:

an unforgettable experience,

special receptions and custom-made programmes,

meetings with our programme creators and contributing artists,

invitations to shows,

access to new target groups, and

stimulation of creativity within your company.

Partnership possibilities

There are several types of partnerships to choose from.
• You can become an HF Business partner (starting at € 5,000).
• You can become a Project partner (starting at € 30,000).
• You can become a Head partner (starting at € 100,000).
• You can support a specific show or artist.

Let us know if you are interested in cooperating with Holland Festival. We will gladly have a conversation with you about the entrepreneurship of the festival, the upcoming programme and mutually beneficial opportunities.

More information about our revenues
To continue as a serious player on the world stage, Holland Festival depends on durable partnerships and the support of funds and private donors.

The Holland Festival revenues are composed as follows:
• 60% originates from contributions from the central government and the municipality of Amsterdam.
• 15% originates from ticket sales revenues.
• 25% originates from donations, partnerships and funds.

Fiscal benefit for companies
Holland Festival has the cultural ANBI* status. For that reason, gifts are deductible from corporate tax. Use the computing module to calculate the fiscal benefit for your specific situation.

* Public Benefit Organisation (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)

Mathilde Smit, Development director
tel. +31 (0)20 788 21 18